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Home Educating your Child - EBOOK


If you are thinking of home-educating your child/children then this ebook is an essential. It answers all your questions and concerns around teaching your child at home.
This ebook was written by a mum who has home-educated both her children from more or less the start of their education.  Her daughter went into school for a brief period of time when she was 5 years old and her son for a very brief period when he was 14 years old.
 Jodie and Ross 2 My Children are now 21 years old and 19 years and they have both turned out to be fine young confident adults with successful futures ahead of them. Home-education has given them the confidence to go after what they want and mix with people from all walks of life.
  • how to take your child out of school
  •  letting the school know
  • what you can expect from the local authorities
  • writing to the LEA
  • how to prepare for LEA Visits
  • refusing a LEA Visit 
  • child care
  • organisation
  • what subjects to cover
  • projects to do together
  • websites to help you
  •  how to keep in contact with others
  •  how to keep motiviated
  •  support groups
  • GCSE Exams
  • IGCES Exams

Home Education Advisor Dawn Dingwall



Many people find the thought of home-educating their child very daunting and friends and family do not understand either and can be very negative about their plans.

This ebook covers many different topics and issues you will come across during your home schooling journey.
The book covers everything you need to know about educating your child from home.  
Just £4.99
Read today and tomorrow you will feel a lot more confident about your decision.
All proceeds from this ebook go towards running our education centres

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